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Giant Rubiks Cube

in partnership with Entech
RUBIKS Cube Project

Recently, John Marhoefer, CEO at Entech Creative Industries Corporations, went to the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey to meet with the Beyond Rubik’s Cube Exhibition Design Team for the Giant Working Rubik’s Cube development kick off. During the meeting John met Erno Rubik, the famous cube’s creator and listened to Professor Rubik develop thoughts on the work. Entech Creative will design, engineer and fabricate the iconic interactive sculpture for the Liberty Science Center under the direction of their design staff.

Anc Precision was selected as one of the primary builders and designers of the Rubik’s Cube project. Anc Precision manufactured many of the parts and assisted with the design. The working model can be viewed on the link. The 10 ft. 2,367 cube can be remotely manipulated from a small control unit shown in the left side of the photo. To view the operation of the Giant Rubiks Cube see this video:

Giant Cube
Beyond Rubik’s Cube features a 10 ft. tall, 2,367 lb. working Rubik’s Cube that you can control.

You get to manipulate an object the size of a car with 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible combinations. The only other place you can find power like that is at the impound lot.

RUBIKS_prelimPreliminary design
The Liberty Science Center’s mission is to expose learners of all ages to the excitement, power and promise of science and technology. In support of that mission LSC designed a highly interactive and immersive exhibit to invite visitors to examine the science and impact of the Rubik’s Cube. The exhibit will open at the Liberty Science Center in April 2014 and then travel to science centers around the world for the next seven years. Our team at Entech Creative, is excited to be a part of this challenging project! We are delighted to have the opportunity to join their talented and creative team spearheaded by Ann Neumann! (Thank you Liberty Science Center!)
We get to work on interesting and different projects every day but this one is especially interesting to us for a variety of reasons. When complete, we will update you on the discoveries and innovations we made along the way to creating the iconic Giant Rubik’s Cube

Some of the AnC Precision Parts:

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