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About Us

AnC Precision has been manufacturing parts and assemblies at the highest QC level possible for over 30 years in the aerospace industry; from parts on Mars with the Rover project to the depths deep in the ocean on sonar projects.



  • 30 years in business, initially starting in the Aerospace industry.
  • 20 years in the Packaging industry producing: tooling, replacement parts, wear parts

The Packaging Industry:

AnC Precision used its manufacturing skills to start its own line of equipment that is unique to the “Tube” filling industry. Our equipment has the ability to measure and record all of the parameters required to create an ‘End Seal’ as well as test the tube under pressure.

  • AnC Precision has several bench top “Tube Sealing Instruments”: (TTS-1000, TS-100). The equipment is highly automated measuring and recording all of the parameters, including temperature, dwell, pressure, and other parameters. The data is available with built in Printer, Ethernet, or Memory Stick.
  • We produce several instruments that “test a sealed tube” (with or without product) for burst pressure as well as small pinhole leaks. All of the data is collected by the test instrument is available to the built in Printer, Ethernet, or Memory Stick. The instrument tests the Header Seal, Side seams and the End Seals simultaneously.
Greg Havemann

Greg Havemann

President and CEO - USMC Veteran

Greg Havemann, having served his country in the U.S. Marine Corps, pursued a career manufacturing parts and assemblies for the aerospace industry. He has spent the last 25 years in manufacturing and received numerous commendations from several aerospace companies including NASA. As President, Designer and CEO of AnC Precision Machining, Greg and his team manufactured custom parts and assemblies, which eventually drew him into the plastic tube industry. Noticing a lapse in pre-testing plastic tubes, Greg designed equipment to fill the void. He met Rick Carl, and together, they have ventured into creatively improving, promoting, and designing additional systems to help improve tube filling production and setting new standards for quality control.

Larry J Havemann

Larry J Havemann

Engineering Consultant

Engineering Consultant with over 43 years of experience in Material Analysis and Failure Analysis with some of the most advanced companies in the world.

1974 – 1980 Rocketdye, Division of Rockwell International as Lead Engineer of the Microanalysis Laboratory that included incoming Inspection Analysis as well as Failure Analysis of rocket motor components using various analysis instrumentation including Optical Microscopy, Optical Emission Analysis, X-ray Analysis, Electron Microprobe, Scanning Electron Microscope, Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis, and other laboratory instrumentation. The laboratory supported both production and research.

1980 – 2002 Northrop Grumman as Lead Engineer of the Microanalysis Laboratory working with primarily Optical Microscopy, Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis, Electron Microprobe and Scanning Electron Microscopes. Performed failure analysis of failed aircraft structures and components. Also worked with research engineers on classified projects.

2002 – Present Retired and working as a consultant for AnC Precision Machining.

Joey Gmuender

Joey Gmuender

Design Engineer

One of the brightest young minds in the industry. Joey is a graduate of Chico State university in mechanical engineering in 2012. His attention to detail and creative problem solving has revolutionized our new product lines in Tube Testing Certifications.
Joey has a passion for robotics and RC electronics.

AnC Precision commitment to the Packaging Industry:

With our instruments, the TTS1000 and “the Standard” model PTS-100, there now exists a true measuring system that records and validates the production process.

AnC developed these instruments using all of our aerospace knowledge to provide the industry a true ability to record and research success and challenges of this process.

Nothing on the market currently can SAVE DATA or analyze prospective choices of tubes. With the TTS1000 you can achieve full control of tube filling and sealing from pre- purchasing tubes to the final steps of shipping to your customer.

AnC Precision Laboratory can test and validate your tube and product:

In our Laboratory or yours using AnC Instrumentation, we can test the maximum capabilities of the tube determining the following and more:

  • Temperature needed for sealing
  • Speed that best performs (PPM)
  • Pressure needed to seal
  • Date code legibility
  • Optimum sealing parameters
  • Validate incoming product insuring quality product.

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