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AnC Instrument Project PTS-100

(Bench Top Tube Pressure Tester)
AnC Precision has a line of innovative equipment designed for the Packaging Industry. The “Standard” PTS-100 is a typical engineering design for internal equipment products at AnC. The following outlines the steps required to produce a new instrument for AnC Precision. In this example, the product is a Tube Pressure Test Instrument (PTS-100).
AnC Engineering working with leaders in the industry to determine the needs and ensuring that the new equipment will meet those needs

  • The first meeting is to understand the industry’s needs.
  • Work with industries leaders to come up with a possible design.
  • Develop a basic concept and requirements, then the project moves into engineering.
Engineering Developing Design

  • A 3D CAD model is made using engineering software programs.
  • The 3D model is then reviewed with the engineering group.
Engineering Drawings


  • Once the 3D model is completed and is approved by the engineering design group drawings can be made.
  • With completed and approved engineering drawings, it is then released to manufacturing.


Prototype being manufactured




  • The prototype parts are machined using multi-axis CNC machines.
  • Once the parts are manufactured the prototype can be assembled.
  • Once assembled the prototype can be tested and the results compared to the specifications determined by the Engineering Design committee.
  • Completed prototype to be reviewed by customer and tested for operation.
Test Prototype in production Environment

  • Prototype taken to production facility for final testing and evaluation of new design.
  • Once prototype is evaluated and final changes implemented the product is ready for release to the public.


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