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TS 100 Tube Sealing Machine

TS-100 Hot Air Tube Sealing Machine

The first hot air, benchtop Tube Sealer that operates on 120 V. Our TS -100 equals the quality of top production machines in the industry- while not require chillers, special power circuits or other facility modifications

PTS 1000 Quality Control Instrument

TTS-1000 Quality Control Instrument

The TTS-1000 is a new concept in the testing and validation of the tube sealing process. The TTS-1000 eliminates the possibility of the tube being defective starting from the R&D thru the entire filling and sealing process.

PTS-100 Tube Pressure Test Instrument

PTS-100 Tube Pressure Test Instrument

This is a small, inexpensive machine that can be put into the production area and test tubes right off of the assembly line. The tubes can be filled or empty and performs most of the same tests that the Laboratory Instrument, TTS-1000,  can perform.

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