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When you need to replace Change Parts, Format Parts, Wear & Tear Parts, Replacement Parts, Format Contact Parts, or just need Spare Parts for your IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH tube sealing machinery, you can count on AnC Precision to deliver the highest quality OEM-compatible parts which exceed the original.


Note: IWK uses a variety of terms to describe their products. For example when discussing dispensing products or tooling in hot air sealing machines that are used in the packaging industry they often use the terms tube filling, product feeding, filling systems, filling nozzle, dosing nozzle, piston stroke, and dosing pistons. In a similar manner when discussing tube types IWK frequently uses plastic, laminate, aluminum, Alu-laminate, PE-laminate, Koex, and metal tubes with double fold, triple fold, saddle fold. Tube Forms include cylindrical, EURO-hole, oval, conical, and dispenser.


When selecting a successful supply chain partner that meets Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, our customers tell us the top three reasons they prefer AnC Precision parts over IWK parts are: Price, Delivery, and Quality.


  1. Price 

Fast and Economical Shipping from AnC Precision creates opportunities for lower costs compared to IWK’s equivalent parts. Large items are usually shipped from overseas by a slow ocean freighter. Once they arrive on the U.S. East Coast they must then be transferred to another carrier and trucked to your location, creating delays and opportunities for misdirected shipments.


With AnC Precision you don’t have to worry about customs charges, multiple shippers, language barriers, long-distance phone calls, huge time zone differences, and all the extra expense those entail. Your order is shipped direct from our manufacturing facility to you, and most parts are quickly shipped by air. AnC Precision’s focus is to provide a reliable supply of quality parts that are available in the US and not subject to shipping delays and lengthy holidays as often experienced with European OEM manufacturers.


  1. Delivery

The European Union mandates that all member countries must grant employees a minimum of 20 days of paid vacation; and Germany, where IWK is headquartered, has 20 days of annual leave. In addition, Germany has about 14 national public holidays per year. Most of our customers say there is a 6 – 8 week lead time for change parts, and suspect that IWK has to do a custom production run because they often don’t stock the needed part. How will you reach IWK’s customer service when employees take off the entire month of August for “holidays” and no wear & tear parts or spare parts are available? What if a critical part breaks in the middle of your production run? Will you be able to quickly order and take delivery of replacement parts?


In contrast, AnC Precision is an American company, providing responsive customer service and technical assistance by telephone (775.392.3111), email, and our website. We can maintain an in-house inventory of the high usage parts you need, and strive to have one day turn around on all OEM tooling parts.


With in-house engineering we are capable of any “custom” project design or redesigning existing parts for better performance with fast delivery always at the forefront.


  1. Quality

Design Improvements by AnC Precision translate to higher quality parts. When it comes to tube sealing there are many machine types in the packaging industry, including Hot Air Sealing, Ultrasonic Sealing, Impulse Sealing, and Hot-Jaw Sealing. They all seal tubes, but use different methods. AnC Precision focuses on the best method, Hot Air Sealing, which is used on all large commercial production lines for plastic, laminate, aluminum, and Alu-laminate tubes. Read on to discover how AnC Precision has improved on the design of IWK’s parts.


Pressing Jaws help align the tube as it moves into the Sealing Station. Also known as Pre-Fold Jaws, these are critically important as they improve the appearance of the tube seal.

pre-fold jaws

Pressing Jaws


IWK’s standard fixed (non-adjustable) Pressing Jaw can only accommodate a limited range of tube sizes. If you want to use a different tube size or a different angle you have to buy another Pressing Jaw, resulting in the accumulation of multiple sets that the operator must change in and out of the machine to find the right combination.

with tube

AnC Precision Pre-Crimp Jaws

secure various tube sizes in place during sealing.

AnC Precision improved on this design and made it adjustable. The adjustable Pre-Crimp never needs to be removed from the machine to accommodate different size tubes.




norden style

Typical IWK Filler Nozzles

Tube Fillers and Dosing Nozzles inject the product into the tube. IWK’s filling nozzles are one large part, and if it is damaged (e g., by dropping on the floor) then the entire part must be replaced.


AnC Precision’s improved design features replaceable tip sets which reduce the cost. Different styles (Cut Off style, Blow Off style, and Cut-Off Blow-Off style) are available to suit different methods of dispensing. These are different designs that improve the dispensing of the product for your unique needs and screw on very nicely. AnC Precision offers multi-tip sets consisting of all three styles with every nozzle purchased. Tip sets also available individually.




norden tooling render

IWK Cooling Ring shown

below the Hot Air Nozzle.

Cooling Ring

Tubes are sealed with Hot Air Nozzles, which may be also known as Designer Seals, Hot Air Sets, or Laminate Style Hot Air Sets. After the tube has been sealed it then needs to be cooled. Although some manufacturers use a Cooling Ring, AnC Precision designed its tube sealing machines with a unique patented cooling process that does not require the traditional Cooling Ring. Therefore, AnC doesn’t use cold water and doesn’t need an expensive Chiller.




quick change tube holders

AnC Precision Tube Holder Sets

Quick Change Tube Holder Sets

Similar to IWK’s Quick Act Couplings, AnC Precision is ready to fulfill your requests for Tube Holder Bases, Tube Holder Inserts, Pucks, and Buckets. Exclusive in the industry, AnC’s Quick Change Tube Holder Sets reduce upfront costs and maintain the highest quality. A Set consists of:


  • A Base which is purchased with the first Set and remains with the machine. The Base is one size and acts as an adapter for various sizes of Inserts.
  • An Insert which is sized to hold the tube.


Additional Inserts can be purchased after the first set; there’s no need to purchase additional Bases. Thus, you can start small and purchase different size Inserts only as you need them. You can easily swap Inserts as your production needs change.


Any hinge or tube (including oval and custom tubes) will fit our Inserts.



Dispensing System

The Dispensing System for filling tubes consists of filling pumps, pistons, piston cylinders, dosing stations, dosing valves, dosing pistons, and dosing valve sleeves. AnC Precision manufactures these parts which can handle tubes 10mm to 70 mm in diameter. All cylinders are thick, hard, and chrome-plated for wear protection. Dosing Valves and Sleeves are also thick and chrome-plated. Valves are made from stainless steel, Delrin or ceramic materials.



A Complete Line of Parts

AnC Precision designs and manufactures a complete line of parts for all of your tube processing needs, available in convenient Complete Change Over and Tooling Sets, or as individual Index Assemblies, Index Wheels, and Nozzles.


complete change overComplete Change Over Set tooling setTooling Set
index assyIndex Assembly index wheel renderIndex Wheel
nozzle renderNozzle.         Quality AnC Precision Parts         Proudly made in the USA!





Compared to the OEMs, AnC Precision gives you more of what you want: A lower price, quick delivery, and quality parts.

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