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Bench-Top Hot Air Tube Sealing

TS-100: Providing assembly line output from a convenient bench-top unit.


  • HOT AIR operates on 120 V @ 20 A
  • TS-100 same quality as high end production machines
  • 5,000 tubes per shift
  • Does NOT require chiller
  • Quick-change tooling
  • Setting Adjustments using touch screen
  • Automatic adjusts tube height, no hand cranks.
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Quick Change Tooling

  • Can easily produce 5,000 sealed tubes in one shift.
  • Features “Quick Change Over Time”, and user-friendly touch screen controls.
  • Tube sealing position is electronically determined, no need to manually adjust the sealing head position.
  • The perfect solution for short runs, laboratories, or home-based businesses!

Low Power Consumption

  • The first hot air, bench top Tube Sealer that operates on 120 Volts using approximately 1400 watts.
  • Does not require chillers, special power circuits, or other facility modifications.
  • Minimal air supply of 0.1 cfm@100psi (7 bar) needed.

No-Trim Precision

  • Equals the quality of top production machines in the industry.
  • Using the touch screen controls precision adjustments can be made to eliminate the need for trim in most cases.


Quick Overview

AnC Precision proudly presents the TS-100 operating on 120v power that equals the sealing quality of the top production machines in the industry.

Today’s tubes are complex and require a high level of control to maintain a nearly flawless production run. Using all state-of-the-art technology the TS-100 automatically detects the tube top and self-adjusts for the proper seal position. Fine-tuning of the seal position can be adjusted by the operator using the touchscreen controls. The touchscreen also allows the operator to make fine adjustments to the time in the hot air, temperature, and dwell using electronic controls. No cams, belts, or chains are found in AnC products.

Tubes sealed per shift

Watts Consumed per Shift

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the production rate of the TS-100?
The TS-100 is capable of 4800 sealed tubes in an 8 hour shift with 1 operator. This equates to 600 tubes per hour, or 10 tubes per minute.
What types of tubes is the TS-100 capable of sealing?
Because the TS-100 uses the hot air process of sealing, it is capable of sealing ALL types of plastic and laminate tubes. This includes monolayer, co-extruded, HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, and Polypropylene as well as Aluminum Laminate and Plastic Laminate tubes.
Is a trimmer necessary for tubes sealed with the TS-100?
It depends; if a perfectly straight defined edge is required then a trim station is necessary, however by using the tube height adjustment feature on the TS-100, an attractive well-defined seam can be achieved on the top edge of the seal.

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