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“The Standard” Model PTS-100

This is a small, inexpensive instrument that can be put into the production area to test tubes right off of the assembly line. The tubes can be filled or empty. The PTS-100 performs most of the same tests that the Laboratory Instrument, TTS-1000, can perform.

Tube Test Methods:

  • Burst Test (Maximum tube pressure till tube burst)
  • Pressure Hold Test (Set pressure held over time)
  • Pressure Hold to Burst (Set pressure held over time, then pressurize tube to burst)

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Lab Quality Testing

Perform testing in production areas with lab quality results. Quality Control is enhanced by data collection and checking the Header Seal, Side Seams, and End Seals of the tube. Data is saved for later analysis. Wasteful down-time and customer complaints are reduced, and production line throughput is increased.

Proprietary Testing Method

An AnC-exclusive test method tests the Header, Seal, Side Seam, and End Seal simultaneously from the inside out. Competitor’s products only test the End Seal.

Built-in Receipt Printer

A small printer for logging test results is incorporated into the machine. Output data can be saved on a Flash Drive.

Quick Overview

This small and inexpensive tube test instrument fits on a bench top and can be put into the production area to test tubes right off of the assembly line. It is able to test tubes that are filled using special container liner. The tubes can be filled or empty. It performs most of the same tests that the Laboratory Instrument, TTS-1000, can perform. Monitors and records both inside pressure and outside tube pressure, which allows for detection of small pin leaks. The Test Chamber illuminates to show PASS/FAIL, and can be seen from any angle or location. The Test Chamber slides out for easy tube replacement.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the PTS-100 detect pin leaks or micro leaks?

Yes, the PTS-100 can detect a leak of any size because it measures the internal and external pressure of the tube. By having a sealed chamber on the outside of the tube the instrument can detect very small leaks in the tube when the sensitive pressure transducer produces a voltage rise.

Can the PTS-100 test filled tubes?

Yes, the test chamber accepts a liner bag that collects any leaked product for ease of cleanup and recovery of product.

ow long is an average hold to burst test on the PTS-100?

Typically a hold to burst test is about 30 seconds. With change over time this turns out to be about 80 tubes tested per hour.

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