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Your brand or your name is simply your reputation, you have to fight in life to protect that as it means everything. Nothing is more important.

AnC Precision Commitment to the Packaging Industry:

With our instruments, the TS100 and “the Standard” model PTS-100, there now exists a true measuring system that records and validates the production process. AnC developed these instruments using all of our aerospace knowledge to provide the industry a true ability to record and research success and challenges of this process. Nothing on the market currently can SAVE DATA or analyze prospective choices of tubes. With the TS100 you can achieve full control of tube filling and sealing from pre- purchasing tubes to the final steps of shipping to your customer.

AnC Precision Laboratory can test and validate your tube and product:

In our Laboratory or yours using AnC Instrumentation, we can test the maximum capabilities of the tube determining the following and more:

  • Temperature needed for sealing
  • Speed that best performs (PPM)
  • Pressure needed to seal
  • Date code legibility
  • Optimum sealing parameters
  • Validate incoming product insuring quality product.
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Certification & Validation Service

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Tube Validation Services

AnC Precision is dedicated in providing industry insight and quality control standards for hot air sealed tube manufacturing process. Our tube validation services will provide you with the data and assurance that the tubes you have manufactured or purchased meet a quality standard for your end product and consumer.

What Do You Get with Tube Certification and Validation:

  1. All Recorded Data on Tube Lot
  2. Certificate of Validation By AnC that your tube is certified to handle the specifications of your production/project
  3. Recommended Speed, Heat and Set-up for your particular sealing machines and that specific lot of tubes.


Tube Certification Process

1) If possible give us a call prior to send in your tubes for evaluation.
2) Fill out form of type of tube (Tube Information Form-TubeInformationForm6.22.2016.docx )
3) Send at least 100 tubes of one type and include the form (Tube Information Form – TubeInformationForm6.22.2016.docx )
4) The results will be completed in 3 to 5 days.
5) If the tube is a standard tube we will most likely have the correct Hot Air Nozzles. However, if not standard then AnC may have to make custom tooling to fit your tube and we will notify you if there is an additional cost.
6) Some customers have set yearly contracts for scheduled test throughout the year  at a reduced price
7) If you are a law group representing a legal dispute be sure to contact us prior to send in product.

Certificate of Testing and Validation Sample

Validation Requirements

What is required to provide Validation services for your tubes?

  • 100 Tubes from your lot of tubes
  • Specification of your tube sealing equipment (Brand and Model of Machine)
  • Purchase Order for Services (Certification services Start at $750.00) please contact us for a quote

Tube Testing and Validation

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