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Transdermal Technologies Stimulates Growth with New AnC Precision Technologies

Montana, Sept 9 2016 – Transdermal Technologies, based in Montana, is focused on delivering custom Natural Skin Care packaging solutions for their clients. So when they ran into difficulties with their current production model and their customers new metallic tubes. Transdermal Technologies had to make a choice. “What we needed was a benchtop high speed unit that had automated setup to run our numerous short run production requirements.” Cindy , Transdermal Technolgies Product Manager


Transdermal Technologies Employee in Production with TS-100

The choice; find a supplier of quality tube sealing capabilities that could adjust and grow with their needs or to pass on their current project. Seeking out the advice from industry experts lead Cindy to AnC Precision and (President) Greg Havemann. Greg and his team have been providing custom tooling solutions in the tube sealing industry for more than ten years and in recent years had developed a new technology for hot air tube sealing and pressure testing that would prove to revolutionize Transdermal Technologies production lines and customer satisfaction.

“Greg and his team are angels. Not only was their training customized and catered to our company’s needs, but the aftermarket service has been tremendous. The TS­100 has doubled production speed and with the PTS­100 we have precise measurements and trusted results on every run” ­ says Cindy , Transdermal Technologies


The TS­100 was manufactured by ANC Precision, to help solve one of the issues Greg had been seeing in the industry for nearly ten years; slow production machines that produced inconsistent or irregular results between tube lots. The TS­100 is the solution, providing assembly line production output from the convenience of a bench top unit. The TS100 can easily produce 5000 sealed tube units per shift and features quick change ­over times with touch screen controls. The TS­100 also electronically determines the optimum tube sealing position, which eliminates manual adjustments of the sealing head position. Easy production change over consists of just inserting a new tube and the machine determines correct sealing position.

img_2897AnC Precision Provides Training at its Gardnerville (NV) location or at each Client’s facilities with every purchase of the TS­100. “ It is not like it is a super complicated machine to run, but we find that when we train our clients properly on the use of the TS­100, not only do they wonder how they ever produced without it, but they become raving fans of its easy controls and the ability to adjust to multiple tube lengths automatically reduces down time adn change over errors. Joey and the team does a great job breaking down the aspects of set-­up and recommendations to consider when adjusting for particular problem tubes.” Greg Havemann President ANC Precision

The ANC Precision TS­100 features quick change tooling, low power consumption (120V) and no trim precision on every tube. It uses the same Hot Air Heating Technology that is in the large scale production lines.

The added Value of the PTS­100 (Pressure Test System) has changed the entire industry for ANCimg_2890 Clients. The Precision testing instrument allows laboratory testing that can be used to validate production line performance. Quality Control is enhanced by data collection and checking the header seal, side seams, and end seals of the tube. Data is saved for later analysis. wasteful down ­time and customer complaints are reduced, and production line throughput is increased for AnC Clients.

This small and inexpensive tube test instrument fits on a bench top and can be put into the production area to test tubes right off of the assembly line. It is able to test tubes that are filled by using a special container liner. The tubes can be filled or empty during testing. It performs most of the same tests that the Laboratory Instrument, TTS­1000, can perform. It monitors and records both inside pressure and outside tube pressure, which allows for detection of small pin leaks. The test chamber illuminates to show PASS/FAIL, and can be seen from any angle or location. The test chamber slides out for easy tube replacement. Transdermal Technologies has found it valuable to run laboratory burst tests on each production schedule both before starting and once during the run to assure quality and consistency in their production quality for their clients.

“ As a company that produces product lines for other companies to sale to the end consumer, it is extremely important for us to provide quality assurance to our clients forAnC PT100 pass test the products we deliver. The PTS­100 now allows us to verify every batch before it goes to the client with scientific measurable results that can be compared to previous runs” ­ Cindy

For Transdermal the partnership they have developed with AnC Precisions team continues to provide extraordinary results and custom solutions for their clients. ANC Precisions unique position in the industry has given them the ability to provide custom tooling solutions for their clients quickly and with great accuracy. Transdermal Technologies has even sent measurements and photo images of new tube sizes to the ANC Team ,only to have them make a new Custom Hot Air Nozzle and have it back to us in two days time.

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