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TRM-100 Trim Station

The TRM-100 bench top trim station removes the excess material and provides a clean perpendicular cut at the end seal of the tube. The TRM-100 can be used on most any tube from any sealing machine. It is particularly useful for small production runs OR touching up product that may have need discarded by QC for visual seal area issues.

The self-adjusting sealed tube trimming station.

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Clean Edges

Our stand-alone trim station cuts the end seal with accurate repeatability giving the end seal the clean edge your customer is looking for. The heat treated tool steel blades provide lasting sharpness to produce a top quality appearance to any tube.

Small, Compact Unit

Occupying only 14”x18”of table space, the TRM-100 can be used with any bench top tube sealer to accurately trim any excess from the end seal.

Simple Set-up and Operation

The TRM-100 uses minimal power (120v) and a small compressed air supply to activate the cutting blades, and comes with a blow off feature to keep blades free of trim waste. AnC provides a ¼” blue hose to connect to the air source. Both a coarse and fine adjustment are built in for quick set-up.

Quick Overview

Used with any bench top tube sealer the AnC TRM-100 accurately Trims the end seal of any excess material and produces a top quality appearance to any tube. Both a course and fine adjustment are built in for quick set up. The TRM-100 uses minimal power and a small air supply for operation and comes with a blow off feature to keep blades free of trim waste.

Here’s How The TRM-100 Manual Trim Station works:

    1. The Tube is manually inserted into the “V” shaped tube guide on the machine base. The “V” centers the tube in the cutting station. The “V” can slide in/out by loosening the Allen screw on top. The base of the tube should be concentric with the blue plastic ring. Once the tube base is concentric it will be centered in the trim station. Use the provided Allen wrench to tighten after any adjustments.
    2. Once the tube is centered in the “V” the operator can adjust the height of the trim by sliding the entire trim station up/down.
      • There is a “course” adjustment which is controlled by the Black lever of the right side of the trim station. The entire station can be raised or lowered and the correct height is determined by comparing the top of the tube with the internal razor sharp blade. Once the approximate height is determined it can be locked in place.
      • There is a “Fine” adjustment that is controlled by the round black knurled knob. Rotating the knob will slightly raise or lower the trim station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TRM-100 capable of trimming aluminum and metal laminate tubes?
Yes, the blades of the TRM-100 are made of tempered tool steel that has been ground into a flat cutting edge for clean and precise trimming of any tube material.
Can the TRM-100 adjust for small changes in the height of the trimmed tube?
Yes, the TRM-100 has a fine adjustment knob which can dial in the ideal trim height for the tube.

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