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FINGERPRINT™ Brand Data Collection Image An AnC Exclusive

The TS-100 &TTS-1000 Tube Sealing Machine with the “FingerPrint TM” with finger print option.

What is the FINGERPRINT™ of your product line?


What the industry needs is a simple visual method to show all of the sealing parameters at one time. The method that has been developed by AnC is called the “FingerPrint™”. It is a method of visually looking at the sealing pressure over time.  In this case a load cell is placed between the sealing jaws and the carriage, allowing the sealing pressure to be converted to a voltage generated by the force and tracked over time. The data displays in incredible detail the entire sealing process. This technology could potentially reduce the waste generated by improperly sealed tubes.

fingerprint-updateThe “FingerPrint™ Brand data collection image” illustrates the following:

  1. Dwell Time (horizontal): The time that the jaws are closed. (0.75 sec)
  2. Force: The amount of force that is being applied to the jaws (42 lbs.)
  3. Tube Seal Melt time. The time that the jaws are in contact with the tube and the pressure is decreasing as the pressure is reduced as the tube seal area melts.
    1. Tube melt time (0.7 sec)
    2. Pressure drops during the melt cycle (3.5 lbs)
    3. Back Lash Spring tension

Application for FingerPrint TM Option for TS-100, TTS-1000:

The FingerPrint “load cell” option can be installed on the TS-100 and the TTS-1000. It provides to the following QC applications.

  1. It collects the data from each tube sealing cycle.

Dwell, Force (Lbs), time, Temperature

  1. Collects the data and compares it to a preset standard. If the data has changed an alarm will sound. Prior to a production run, when the first tubes are produced and validated, the image could be saved. The stored image could be then compared to each tube that is filled and sealed. The software would compare the first stored image (master) and if others fall outside of the test parameters the operator is notified. With this quality control check every tube is virtually tested. This would provide a 100% test on all tubes that are going through the filling and sealing process. Today there is no such test, tubes are randomly selected and hand force is applied to check for any leaks.

Application for FingerPrint TM added to existing Production Machines:

The same technology can be adapted to any production machine, not just the TTS-1000 or TS-100. AnC has designed a retrofit assembly for many of the popular production machines. The small display similar to the photo above can be added to a production machine that will provide QC for each tube that is being sealed. The production machines would have to be modified with a new sealing assembly and the appropriate sensors. This new assembly would then be added

to your production machine.  

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